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OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, is an indy game made by the company Team Signal. It follows the crew of a spaceship searching for Earth to restore the failing human race. Doctor Lisa and Makato search the stars with the help of a child-like robot named Emeth. It is unknown where the journey begins, but the majority of the game takes place in the Hetmis Galaxy. After the intro portion, Emeth finds himself alone on the ship until the artificial intelligence hologram of Lisa is activated. It is unknown as of yet what happened to the crew or how long it has been.


OPUS 2: Survive on Mars has been announced! OPUS has crash landed on the red planet, and Emeth is alone. "Where is Lisa? How can I find you?" In OPUS 2, players must help Emeth survive the harsh elements, as he finds Lisa and a way to make the final trek to Earth!

-An april fool prank by the dev team

What can I do here?

You can add more planet info, improve the already existed, and add some photos or even videos and drawings!


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